Tax Services

Tax Problems

We specialize in all taxation issues, as tax related issues are our forte. So let us deal with all your SARS issues quickly and efficiently!

Tax Returns & Other Statutory Returns

Let us handle all your tax returns, whether you are a company, NGO, NPO, small, medium or large corporate entity, local or foreign. We even cater for individuals!!

We will handle all of your tax returns – VAT, PAYE, capital gains tax, compensation fund, UIF and many more.

Tax Clearance Certificates

Need a tax clearance certificate in respect of foreign investment, Emigration, Tenders or for good standing? Let us handle the heavy lifting for you.

Tax Registrations

Starting up that multi-billion corporation, non-profit-organization (NPO), non-governmental-organization (NGO), or just starting out at your first job? Let Wikus Kruger & Associates handle the tax registration process for you! We also handle VAT, PAYE, compensation fund, UIF and many other registrations on your behalf.

Tax Risk Management

Feel like your missing something? Contact us and we will work with you to determine any and all risks you might face in regards to taxation issues in your small, medium or large company or enterprise.

Other Tax Services

We also offer a range of specialized services for Article 21 companies, NGO’s, NPO’s, clubs, body corporates, import/export agents and many other.

Business Services

As CIPRO/DTI registered agents, we offer new company registrations or changes in any form of enterprise, close corporations and PTY Ltd’s. We also offer company searches and amendments, assistance in annual returns and trade mark and patent registrations.<?p>

Business Services

All our services are available to new and existing businesses. We can assist you in setting up a new business, drawing up business plans, mediating with SARS and banking institutions, opening banking accounts and assisting with applications for credit and other facilities.

Other Services

Accounting Services

We offer a full accounting and bookkeeping service to small and medium enterprises who require a monthly or bi-monthly bookkeeping service, with all the necessary accounting assistance up to annual financial statements.

We are also able to provide enterprises, who have their own auditors and/or CA’s, a weekly, monthly or bi-monthly outsourced bookkeeping/accounting service.


With the various associates working with us, we are able to provide clients with a full suite of services in the legal and property fields, business brokerage, financial advisory, insurance, banking and many other fields.

Contact us today to find out what Wikus Kruger And Associates can do for you!